The Larchmont Civic Association is here to help our community remain a great and wonderful place to live for years to come. Below is the list of the yearly elected board and the volunteer block directors and committees. If you need to communicate with them, use the mail form below. Start with your block director, as they may be able to answer your questions or resolve any issues quickly.


President: Stacey Spencer
Vice President: Stedman Grigsby
Secretary: Carol Dalton
Treasurer: Sue Hurst

Block Directors:

5500 Beverly Hill: Mark Conrad
5400 Lincrest: Betty Hull
5500 Lincrest: Darren Lyn
5300 Schumacher: Elena Gearheart
5400 Schumacher: Laurie Hatfield
5500 Schumacher:
5300 Judalon:
5400 Judalon: Jenny Fitzpatrick
5500 Judalon: Anthony Walsh
5300 Pagewood:
5400 Pagewood: Valerie York
5500 Pagewood: Will Mejia
5300 Windswept: Steven Caruselle
5400 Windswept: Steven Caruselle

Block Delegates:

Pagewood: Steve Burdette
Judalon: Jennifer Moseley
Windswept: Jo Ann Denney


Architectural: Stedman Grigsby, John Ernst, Mary Wade, Steve Burdette & Jessica Meyer
Block Directors: Jenny Fitzpatrick
Citizen Patrol Coordinator: Danica Johnston
Webmaster: Devin York
Directory: Elena Gearheart
Deed Restrictions: Steven Caruselle
Easter Egg Hunt: John & Colleen Ernst
Green Space: Mike Miertschin
Newsletter: Valerie York
Safety: Jo Ann Denney
Signage: Calvin Tsao
Spring Fling: Darren Lyn
Treats in the Streets: Jenny Fitzpatrick & Sheridan Murphy